Selling at the Gorge Gear Swap

Bring your equipment to sell on Friday November 18, 2016 between 4:30pm and 7:00pm.

When you arrive you should first prepare a tag with price and size information for each item, and affix it securely. The tags are like old-style lift tickets: place a wire-wicket in a secure spot on the item, then fold the sticky tag over the wicket. On skis w/o bindings, you can place the sticky tag right on the ski. If the tag falls off, we cannot sell it, and it may be impossible to even return it to you. Once every item is tagged, bring them to a check-in station. A ski-team member will enter your mailing address (so we can mail you a check for your sales), and each item must be entered in the computer. You'll receive a printed list, and you should verify that we have everything correct before you leave.

All winter equipment and clothing is welcome, but it must be clean and in good working order.

What does it cost to sell items? 20% of the selling price. Everyone working at the swap is a volunteer, mainly an athlete or parent of athlete; all income goes to the HRVHS ski team (alpine, freestyle and nordic).

Unsold Items must be picked up immediately after the swap, from 3pm - 5pm. Anything not picked up by 5pm on Saturday November 19, 2016 becomes the property of the HRVHS ski team, and we might do anything with it, including sell it.

Please print and complete this consignment form. Put your last name on every item you're selling using masking tape. At the gym a ski-team member will help you get a barcoded tag assigned to each item.

More than ten items? Talk to us ASAP. Download this spreadsheet, and use it to list your items. Please delete the example entries before you return it. If you get it back to us by November 4 we can print labels for you to attach in advance, so you're not trying to do it on the gym floor on check-in day. Vendor Spreadsheet: HRV_Vendor_pub.xls. Send the completed spreadsheet back by email, and be sure to include your name, mailing address and contact phone numbers in the email message body. You must have 8 or more items to sell, and you'll need to pick up the printed labels in Hood River -- we don't deliver or mail them. Badly done spreadsheets will be rejected.